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May 2012 Neoregelia List

**Please disregard price/availability on the plant list below. POA  Prices have changed since printing-  
List is for plant reference only. It is difficult to keep list current with the ever - changing menu. - so all plants subject to availability.  Thank you
Neoregelia Plant List [outdated]*New list coming soon.

https://skydrive.live.com/redir.aspx?cid=22d785888eb418f1&resid=22D785888EB418F1!259&parid=22D785888EB418F1!121&authkey=!AL1h-Pj9bHpYJ0w**PLANT ORDER FORM**CLICK HERE**

 Mail to;
 P.O. Box 959
Childers Qld  4660

Payment options.
Bank Deposit, Money order PayPal. Personal cheques accepted and are welcome however these can be slow as we do not live close to a bank. If you wish to use PayPal please email me at sleepingwaters@hotmail.com to confirm you have sent payment. Plants are mailed Monday or Tuesdays following cleared payment. Thank you for choosing our Exotic Bromeliads.



 can be made by Bank deposit,
money order or via Paypal. 
Please confirm your choice via email.

Additional Options

Thank you Kindly & Happy Growing.
Please don't hesitate to be in touch if you need any further details.

Nid. Citrinium



Bromeliads & Exotics – Postage rates.

Prices are general and refunds are sent if any overcharges.

Express satchel = $15.00   7-8 plants 10-12 medium.
Small parcels Express under 500gm  $9.95 2 larger or 3 medium plants
10 plants including some large sizes $15 Express- see following **Note

**Note*Generally, if you wish to purchase several plants, we suggest you send $20 to $30 to cover the postage and we send a refund in postage stamps in a separate letter, to cover any over payment.
**20 to 30 plants $40.00

***Payment by bank deposit 
Email or mail your order and contact via email for bank deposit details.

***Payment by mail.
You will need to print & email or post this order form or the online order form [or if needed email for another copy]. Make money order or cheque out to Bromeliad Exotics.
Mail to: Bromeliad Exotics PO Box 959 Childers.

***Payment via PayPal.
1/ Simply complete order form and send. 
2/ Log in to your PayPal account and select send money to email address below. 
3/ You will receive confirmation of payment and order via email.

For larger areas quotes & extra order form for postage please email.

 Packing & Mailing

*Plants are mailed Mondays + Tuesdays via Express mail. 
*Smaller parcels are sent express where viable.
*Plants are sent without the pots and are very carefully wrapped and the roots wrapped separately in moisture retaining material [E.G. Spagnum Moss] This drastically reduces postage costs and they travel exceptionally well packed this way. Once potted up one would barely know they have been in a parcel.
*Plastic pots and potting mix are available on request - Postage extra.

if you prefer a more detailed & personalized updated list with Nursery DVD:
Please Send 5'x8' Self addresses envelope & 2x60c Stamps to;
P.O. 959 Childers QLD 4660

Thank you For Choosing Our Exotic Water wise Bromeliads.
Happy Growing.

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