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Neoregelia Blackout select form

Neoregelia Gold Fantasy - a favorite for contrast.
Bromeliad Neoregelia Grande x Narelle 2 Hyb New release [available mid 2012]
Neoregelia Fairy Dancer *New From 'The Posh series 'Large Spiral form - Coming in the new few months.
Neoregelia Freedom Select  [above]
New Release. Neoregelia Debonica
Neoregelia Electric Red 

Neoregelia Tangerine [above]

Neoregelia Narelle No1 x Grande hyb 2 New release., [below-] more mauve than red - tricky to capture the great color of this plant.

Bromeliad Pitcairnia one of several types

Neoregelia Barbie Doll [Above]

Neoregelia Mandela [Above]

Neoregelia Midnight [above center]

Neoregelia Little Ol Albomarginata [above]

Neoregelia Enchantment albomarginata - is a huge growing plant - Not to confused with Neoregelia Enchantment Variegata its 'sister' plant - A gorgeous hyb...both are highly collectible very large growers.

Neoregelia Fosperior perfection - 'Select form'.
Plants are propagated from choice large parents with quality striping, abundant foliage & good shape 

Neoregelia.Gypsy Lady   - above

Neoregelia Rainbow Popular larger growing plant with ooodles of lush foliage - Grows 50cm or more in good light.

Neoregelia Camorimiana Hyb -'Campfire' [ above.] Climber

Neoregelia Red Ocre x Roy  [above]

N.Midnight sometimes called Voodoo [above]

Neoregelia Purple Glaze Variegata 1 [above]

Neoregelia Rainbow  Select form [above]

Neoregelia Raphael albom. [above]

Neoregelia Royal Burgundy Supreme - Pinstriped [above]

Neoregelia Red Pride  Shining Example [above]

Neoregelia Red Tips Select [above]

Neoregelia Red tips Select [Above]

Neoregelia Red Veil Variegata Select [above]

Neoregelia Royal Burgundy [above]

Neoregelia Purple Star

Neoregelia Cliff Sivvid heavily banded form  [above]

Neoregelia Wide world

Neoregelia Summer Storm [above]

Neoregelia Stormy Desert

Neoregelia Syncopate

Neoregelia Wee willy  - mini hybrid

Neoregelia Grace X Break of Day No1 [above]

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Neoregelia Southsayer X Yamamoto Hyb 1  [above]
Neoregelia Freedom   [above]

Neoregelia Freedom .- Center  - makes great contrast in a display.
Neoregelia New Release coming soon.
Neoregelia Garnish [above]

Neoregelia Gee Whiz Red forn No1 Huge showy Plant  [above]

Neoregelia Satsumi  New Mini hybrid
Neoregelia Garnish -Selected form - Young Plants
Neoregelia Midnight Express  [above]
Neoregelia Hot Gossip  [above]
Neoregelia Compacta Dark form -  showy Climber with long stolons
Neoregelia Compacta Dark form - side view. [above]
Neoregelia Painted Lady X Magnifica   Select   [above]
Neoregelia Hot Gossip  [above]

Neoregelia Satsumi Mini Hybrid  *New [above]
Nidularium Billb. Citrinium Gold - Pure golden showy flower lasts many many months.

Neoregelia Takamura Crimson Select hyb

Large strong Neoregelia
Neoregelia Rosella Hyb. small grower almost a Mini Hyb.

Neoregelia Purple Hue . Huge grower with beautiful broad shiny leaves

Neoregelia Takamura Princeps X Nice one Hybrid
*Several forms- showy *New Release.

Neoregelia Takamura Princeps X Narelle No1 Hybrid coming soon
Neoregelia Display Selected banded form is a huge showy plant.

Neoregelia Narelle no 1 hybrid New Release

More photos coming here soon.
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