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*Bromeliads various*Aechmea*Neoregelia See below 
[Plants subject to availability]   UPDATE January 2012

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**10 Quality Pups Special Nursery Selection of Popular named favorites *Only $100 plus $15 Express Postage.
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Various Bromeliads & Special Offers

**Billbergia Pyramidalis 'Kyoto' large pups     $4.00
Billbergia Nutans Queens tears 2 plants           $5.00
**Nidularium Billbergoid. ‘Rubra’                      $4.00 or $5.00 7-9 months old
Nidularium Billbergoid. ‘Citrinium Gold’          $7.00

Aechmea Specials

Nudicaulis wine throat form                               $6.00
**Cylindrata                                                               $4.00
**Gamesapala Matchsticks Blue form             $3.00  Larger $4.00
Recurvata  Sharp                                                       $6.00  [may not be fully rooted-strike readily.
**Recurvata Benrathii    3 plants                       $6.00
Recurvata Hyb 1  Purple form                             $6.00
A.Caudata hybrid [Kertizae]                               $6.50
A.Caudata Variegata large form                        $9.00 [Temp out of stock]
A.Pie in the sky                                                        $6.00
Fosters Favorite                                                       $5.00
A.Gracilis  2 plants                                                   $6.00
A.Red ribbon                                                            $9.00  Temp N/A
A.Weilbacci                                                                $7.95
A Fasciata                                                                    $10.00
A.Naudicaulis 'Zebra redform'                           $10.00

Special Starter Packs * Select mixed pack from various Genera 
**From $3 each

$15 pack 5 plants selected mix from those above marked with **
$20 Pack 7 plants selected mix from those above marked with **
$20 pack 6 plants including 1 Neoregelia

Can't Decide?      SPECIAL
Mixed pack 'nursery choice' selections can be made up to suit all types of budgets.
Included in the nursery selection 
EG; $100 pack includes postage within Australia only.
***Packs Include 18 to 20 plants- depending on size. Plants Range from 6-9months old pack includes various types of Bromeliads including some colorful Neoregelia.

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**UPDATES**This list is constantly being revised, however most plant listed here are still currently available except for those marked NAT.
NAT=Temporarily unavailable
4-7m etc represents the approx age of the plant
P= pup [may not be rooted]
Plants marked * are Newer plants,Hard to obtain,slower growers and special collector plants. 

NEOREGELIA PLANT LIST  See Also Neoregelia List 2

NEOREGELIA LIST Over 300 varieties NEOREGELIA 345 + Varieties UPDATED LIST click here Excel 
Click here PDF

10 pups for $100 for a Nursery Selection of popular colorful Neoregelia favorites. Express Postage $15 [sorry no WA or Tas.
 * See also- Neoregelia Full List, link above.
Plants 4-10 months + old  

N.Stormy Desert                                                                

N.Brilliant Guy****   A                                                                     
N.Sam Smith **** A                                                           
N.Fairy Paint**** A                                                            
N.Royal Cordovan X Debbie C
N.Phylis        A                                                                       
N.Lamberts Pride Hawaii A                                     
N.Summer Storm         B                                                      
N.Royal Cordovan      B                                             
N.Happy Thoughts    A                                               
N.Spotted Dick**A
N.Saucy Red hyb     A                                                         
N.Bobby Dazzler     B-XL                                                  
N.Gold Fantasy **A
N.Red Planet X- Orange form A                              
N.Carolinae Orange-A
N.Carolinae Flamingo ****                                            
N.Perfect Red** 
N.Iyah ****                                                                          
N.Blushing Tiger                                                         
N.Little Ol Orange                                                       
N.Princess Di                                                                
N.Tossed Salad                                                            
N.Passion X Grace                                                    
N.Aussie Dream Rosie                                             
N.Aussie Dream Rosie Varieg B
N. Marble x Olens Mini   A                     
N.Purple Marble****  A                                                       
N.Pink Marble Snow  A                                                 
N.Grace USA** **                                                               
N.Concentrica red form                                          
N.Patchwork  [2 hybrids] ****                                       
N.Don Beadle                                                              
N.Treasure Chest ****                                                        
N.Gold fever  [2 hybrids]**                                        
N.Crackerjack** **                                                             
N.Fancy Pants                                                               
N.Midnight     C                                                             
N.Joes Mauve USA                                                       
N.Noble Descent                                                         
N.Kings Ransom ****                                                          
N.Preditor ****                                                                     
N.Hot Gossip****                                                                  
N.Thin White Line****                                                        
N.Ruby Jo****                                                                         
N.Painted Lady                                                               
N.Stormy Desert                                                              
N.Orange Glow Variegata    C                                       
N.Concentrica X Plutonis X Painted Lady** **             
N.Takamura PrincepsXsivvidHyb*                               
N.Cliff sivvid*                                                                      
N.Stars + Bars USA
N.Summer Storm                                                                 
N.Sister Grace USA
N.Barbie Doll                                                                        
N.Mehendorfii Orange      B
N.Amazon  N/A    temp                                                                  
N.Nelson F1 hyb*   $13.5 & LARGER $20.00  
N.Anna 63*    B-C-D
N.Johannis de rolf*     $15 - $17.
N.Enchantment Albomarginata    B                                 
N.Tricolor Perfecta  No1          $10
N.Gee Whiz Light Form.Grows Very large   B  4-8m large offset
N.Two Tone A Select form No1* B
N.Bruiser variegata*    B
N.Orange Surprise    $13.50  4-8
N.Red Star                                                                                   
N.Red Ocre X Roy    
N.Circles of Gold  N/A                                                                     
N.Manderine Miss   N/A                                                                 
N.Purple X Claret select form*        N/A
N.Scorcher*                $14.5  $17.00 4-6m
N.Marion Oppenheimer [Mini hybrid]                             
N.Bills Gift -sun most areas.                                                                 
N.Zonata     sun most areas
 N.Dunsiana X Tak Grand to30cm                                                                                                                
N.Conc.X Good Show     Pup                                                                

                                                        PDF           **CLICK HERE FOR LINK**

 Other Varieties                           

Vriesea. Marie "Golden Feather"
V.Belgium Hybrid NAT

Other Special Collector Plants

Alcantara Imperialis Rubra Red LM - Select Form                         $30.00  Sold- more soon.
18 month old 30cm offset ‘true to type’ Grown from a Quality parentage
*Non tissue culture or variable seedling. Selected from a strong large deep red parent.

Vriesea Warmingii – Rare Wine Red Species – Select Form          $30.00 Sold
6 months old, Quality vegetative offset basic strong roots forming.

Aechmea Blancetiana “Rubra”                                                               $30.00
35cm Strong Offset – well colored. Ideal for a sunny spot.

Aechmea Delmar .Newly imported large form                               $30.00
25cm strong offset. May not be rooted

Vriesea Phillipcobergii                                                                               $25.00
Strong offset Very Large grower.

Aechmea Blanchettiana Good Orange/Red form     30-40cm      $15.00        40+cm  $20.00  ***SPECIAL***
Strong good size offsets

4-7m =     months old from pup size
7-12m =   months old from pup size
12-15m = months old from pup size
NA T   = temporarily unavailable
NRB  = Not rooted –close to strike
*New Release, hard to obtain & special select collector plants
NB: Apologies- I don’t have photos of all of these plants on the blog but many of these plants can still be viewed if typed in to Google + they will come up from my older eBay listings or from other places..


***New Release and Limited supply Collector Plants*** Please see note below.

**Photos of most of these plants can be seen on my various Blogs - or via typing into Google.

 **NB**Plant Availability changes almost Daily- it is therefore difficult to keep a current list.
***Please give a thought to 2nd choices when ordering.  Sometimes I may be able to offer a plant that is very similar and just as nice, within your favorite color zone. Other wise I will add a refund to your parcel if unavailable.

Please contact for further details & prices
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Thank you.
Plant list updated very soon with more details. Plants shown without prices included are currently being stock taken.

if you prefer a more detailed & personalized updated list -plus Nursery DVD:
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Happy Planting.

***New release and Limited supply Collector Plants.
One-off, collector, slow growers, rare plants and other varieties. Many are currently still only available via eBay due to very limited supply. Once supplies of these increase sufficiently they can then be added to this list at a later date. Unfortunately, this of course takes time as many plants take months- even years, to develop from an initial, limited supply of difficult to obtain plants. Though New Releases are only currently available only 1 now and then, a good warm wet summer season should see things improve.

I am unable to offer the exact same plants as advertised on eBay through this site, but I am however happy to arrange for any purchases made from the auction or store, to be included in your parcel to save postage. Please contact via email for details.

Happy Growing