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N.Two tone no 5

Pups growing on

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Neoregelia New release- Raintree series.

Aechmea.Blue Tango New Large import form

N.Eye of the Tiger [antiquity series]

N.Blood Plum Variegata

N.Bob + Grace

N.Blue Lagoon





N.-New releas CharChar hyb- DH2009.66-.charex

N.Earthrose 2

N.Freedom x  1

N.Raintrees [astroid]

New Neoregelia  unreg.Asterexotix

N.Passion select 1

N.Star struck [available mid 2013]

Neoregelia New release available 2013 Grace Darling cross 021 hyb.Prince3ss grace x Grace darling X Bdancer

Left New Neoregelia Grande Hyb 013 & N.Painted Delight select

Pups Growing on at the Nursery

N.CherryX Cherry hyb & New release Guzmania

N.Hang 10

Aechmea hybrid Display

N.Concentrica Lacey hyb New Release- Grows Huge


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Neoregelia "A Golden Collection"

Neoregelia Collection - dark forms.

Beautiful Neoregelia come in all sizes, shape + almost every color of the rainbow. 
Neoregelia are Basically, Easy - care plants, providing some basic needs are met. Unlike many showy ornamental plants, Neoregelia provide the extra benefit of an extra long lasting very low maintenance display. 

The Nursery stocks a large range of these exotic Neoregelia plants as well as lots of other select Bromeliad plants. It is difficult to keep a list & keep up with the ever changing menu with 100's of different plants that come + go, almost daily.
Unfortunately, it isn't practical to keep a large number of each type due to space, as one needs to make way for all the new varieties maturing all the time, consequently my vast collection of 1000's instead consists of many different varieties. . It is Only possible to show a small portion here in photos + the plant list is very much incomplete.

If you are New to collecting + cannot decide, please don't hesitate to send details of wishes- your favorite colors,size etc...I am happy to help where I can.  Thanks. 
Happy Growing.

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Photo-Mini Hybrids

Photos 3 popular favorites

Bromeliad Photos -1

Photos - New + more...